MORMON Questions Answered II

 B 164
 Mormonism Mama & Me
Thelma "Granny" Geer, herself a former Mormon of many generations, documents problems within the Mormon doctrine and relates early historical accounts.


 B 62
 Embraced by the Light and the Bible
Richard Abanes exposes the author of "Embraced by Light" to have been a Mormon who described heaven from an LDS point of view. hardcover

 B 8
 Satanic Ritual Abuse And Mormonism
Jerald and Sandra Tanner report the secret memo by Glenn Pace, a General Authority in 1991, which was even aired on newscasts in some cities. Evidence came to light of a satanic cult sexually abusing and sacrificing children in the LDS Church.


 B 183
 3913 Changes in the Book of Mormon, by Jerald & Sandra Tanner, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, SLC., Ut.
A photomechanical reprint of the original 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon with all the changes marked. Contains a 16 page introduction by Jerald & Sandra Tanner which proves that the changes are not in harmony with the origianl text.

 B 104  Studies of the Book of Mormon, B.H. Roberts, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, SLC., Ut.
Contains secret manuscript of Roberts which were surpressed for many years. In these pages Roberts expressed some serious doubts about the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and frankly admitted that Joseph Smith had a vivid enough imagination and the source material available to produce the Book of Mormon.

 B 106  The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon and Early Nineteenth Century Events Reflected in the Book of Mormon by Michael Marquardt, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, SLC., Ut.
A good summary of the evidence showing the Book of Mormon is a product of the 19th century.





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